Designing Healthy Communities

Parking Garage Garden

Parking Garage Garden

Retail isn’t just buying or selling a product. Consumption is the lifestyle of America. For better or for worse, we do it everyday and in many opinions, it isn’t doing any person, animal, or environment any good as it stands today. Rebranding retail is more than just a new user experience product or store environment with the latest technology or the most wanted item or most convenient prices. Rebranding retail is about being conscious about our consumption lifestyle and acting in a way that supports positive changes that the retailers, transportation systems, and city planners make when it’s time to develop or redevelop our environment and essentially, our habits.

I was too late in finding out that Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH had spoke at Carnegie Mellon on February 21st in a University Lecture Series called: “We are what we eat… and what we build: Designing Healthy Communities”. So, good thing Dr. Jackson has a blog which I found out more information about his views and that he’s been in Pittsburgh more than once talking about DHC. Below is an interview he had on KDKA this past October.

Visit his blog for more info about what other cities are doing to DHC.

Here’s the gist: communities where you are able to walk to your material needs, family, and friends- makes for a happier, healthier individual & community. Seems logical and simple right?


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