Retail Association


We know you can support any organization. Here’s what differentiates us from the rest:

1. Free Marketing Drives Consumers to Your Store

Let PGHretail be the extension of your marketing efforts through our new campaigns.  In addition to e-newsletters, social media, and on-site promotions, we’ll be launching our local business listing directory in Summer 2014.

Our public education program is designed to remind Pittsburgh residents of the economic and social benefits of shopping in local, Pittsburgh stores before turning to out-of-state Internet, neighboring state or Canadian merchants.

In addition to the shop local/shop Pittsburgh message, the campaign offers promotions from member stores. Shoppers will be able to visit our campaign website at for a searchable database of the latest deals. Shoppers can search the website by zip code, merchandise genre, and specific store name.

PGHretail staff uses social media, pay-per-click advertising, public relations and other marketing tools to drive consumers to utilize promotions from the site and visit your store. This is free advertising for member stores which is monitored and adjusted daily by PGHretail marketing/communication experts!

2. Government Relations and Advocacy

The PRA was formed by an active group of retailers who wanted a voice before state government. PGHretail’s staff will advocate for the best interests of our members before the state Legislature, governor’s office and state regulatory bodies.  We will also work to advance an agenda created by members who sit on our Legislative Committee. The Council will be a powerful, full-time presence before state government.

3. Money-Saving Services

Business owners are always looking for ways to decrease operating costs. The PRA offers a variety of programs designed to save owners money. We are currently working with local service providers and organizations to build partnerships that will benefit your business.

4. Information

Members-Only Section

PRA members can ask each other questions, post classified ads, post promotions for other members  through PRA Facebook Group, get forms and much more through the members-only group page. 


PGHretail produces an e-newsletter specifically for members. This quick and easy-to-read publication provides practical tips, up-to-the minute information on our advocacy efforts before state government, and updates on our money-saving services.

Retail University

PGHretail  organizes event topics have included labor law issues, credit card processing, customer services and more. All events are free to Council members.


PGHretail encourages members to call with any questions they may have about laws or other aspects to running a business. We’re often able to provide an answer…and when we’re not, we can usually point members to another resource.

To support our workers’ compensation insurance, statutory disability insurance, and credit card processing programs, we have experts on staff to answer questions and resolve problems.

5. Strength in Numbers

…gives small businesses group buying power

Whether it’s our money-saving programs or advocacy work before state government, it all boils down to strength in numbers. Each time a new business joins our association,  PGHretail gains even more power to negotiate the very best pricing for our programs and services. Together, we have group buying power that most retailers have a hard time realizing all on their own.

…intensifies retail’s voice before state government

With hundreds of special interest groups, each with their own agenda, clamoring for the attention of our state-elected officials, it can be difficult for a single voice to break through the clutter. But through strength in numbers, PGHretail is able to ensure the voices of our members are heard.

Fill out the Membership Application Form here.

Business Membership Annual dues $120. Payable by check or PayPal.


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