Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with PGHretail’s mission to provide influential information for consumers, professional retailers, and visitors to the Pittsburgh area.

Become a featured writer.  Whether it’s your original content or something you see from another blog that is relevant to the Pittsburgh Retail community, we’d love to broadcast it with you.   Send your thoughts to pghretail [@] so we can get it going.

Start a Monthly Project Meeting.  We currently have 4 major projects that need community, city, and county support to get it off the ground.  If you’d like to take the lead on any of these, shoot us an email so we can connect you to the PGHretail network.

Share Our Content.  Repost our Facebook feed, blog links, #pghretail in Twitter or Instagram posts, any way to get our stories out and others connected to our cause.

Donate to the Work.  You can make a contribution to furthering our current projects and establishing more ground by making a digital donation through PayPal below.


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