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P2P Car Sharing

PGHretail has approached a leading provider of peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing technology in the San Francisco Bay Area to begin the conversation of bringing a P2P car sharing office in Pittsburgh.

P2P is like car sharing services such as ZipCar or Enterprise CarShare, except the unmanned car being rented is your car. That’s right, you can rent out your car while it sits all day to someone who needs it.  And you make a profit while your underutilized resource becomes utilized!  It seems pretty win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a disruptive industry from the growing share economy. The reality is there is a lot to learn from what others are doing and how insurance companies will react. Dominate P2P companies include RelayRides, which has users in Pittsburgh, about 14 in the county and counting a few in Ohio. They hold no office here and provide little marketing or face-to-face services to help others feel comfortable and sign-up.

PGHshare/PGHretail is proposing a purchase of the licensing technology to provide our own P2P car sharing service and office in Pittsburgh.  It will be branded for Pittsburgh and will cater to our communities and members.   Want to support our efforts? Sign the P2P Car Sharing Licensing Petition here!  There are additional survey questions to help us identify neighborhoods and total usage, as well as, a place to sign up for our newsletter to continue being updated on the process.  These are not required to answer, though helpful and appreciated if you could answer them!




In addition to individuals, they provide licensing technology to small local businesses in the car rental industry to provide the same service for their exclusive use.   Are you a business owner interested in learning more? Please use the contact form below.

PGH Car Sharing

Sure, Pittsburgh has ZipCar.  Unfortunately, there are only 37 cars that service primarily between Downtown, Oakland, and Shady Side. 7 of those cars lay outside that area and across the rivers from Downtown.

PGHretail is looking to bring a larger extension of a car sharing program that will service our outlying neighborhoods and current Public Transportation routes through Enterprise CarShare.

Strategically providing unmanned car rentals near our bus routes and T line, car sharing provides an extended arm to public transportation and options for workers, families, and consumers. Car shares provides a freedom of travel and from owning a car.  It provides security and flexibility when out and about the city, neighborhoods, and further.

In addition to car sharing in our city, by utilizing a national company, your membership is good in other cities covered by Enterprise CarShare.

Check out Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise RideShare programs.

Interested in bringing a larger car share that works with our county, city, and public transportation authorities?  Sign the Car Share Petition here!

There are additional survey questions if you’d like to give more information to help us analyze neighborhoods in need and a place to join our mailing list for updates.






2 thoughts on “Car Share

  1. I totally support bringing a car share program to Pittsburgh. Although, I do not think “Enterprise” is the company best suited for the task. One of the most appealing prospects for the share economy is to move away from large corporate businesses that will only pacify use short-term with agreements and pricing until they dominate the market then show their true colors and jack the prices up and restrict the freedom of such a “Share Economy”. Let’s think outside the box. I’d much rather give a Duq Biz major and CMU Computer Science major the funds and place the Project in one of our great accelerators and watch the magic happen. Let Pittsburgh Build Pittsburgh.

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