Connect Card Rewards


The Port Authority of Pittsburgh has made leaps and bounds by activating the Connect Card program to make bus fare more efficient and data collection to adjust routes.

PGHretail was able to sit down with Port Authority directors to discuss retail marketing initiatives, primarily, the rebranding of their Riders Rewards.

The Port Authority is moving as quickly as they can to meet demands of public transit riders and partner with local businesses to add value to users of the Connect Card.

You can see a list of current participants of Connect Rewards here.

What deals would you like to see on there? Any local businesses you frequent often on your bus routes you’d enjoy additional rewards at? Go ahead and let us know right here in the comments or by email at pghretail [@] gmail dot com.


2 thoughts on “Connect Card Rewards

  1. Bar Louie at Station Square did not honor the 10% off with a connect card on Sept 6th at 9pm. The waitress checked with the manager and he said they don’t take connect card discount. What a disappointment! I went there on purpose cause it was in the brochure. We’d just had a lovely ride on the Gateway Clipper and it was our 40th anniversary…..:(

    • Hi Jill, Thanks for your comment. That is rather unfortunate, as the Port Authority provides those free brochures to support local businesses and residents like yourself. Even more disappointing when it was during your celebration. Bar Louie should be removed if they are unable to stand behind their business’s name.

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