StrongTowns Curbside Chat

slideshow-maximizeroiI am forever optimistic, even in the situation that say, PGHretail comes in second in a one award grant decision, there’s still so much to learn and be grateful for in the experience. So, despite the sad news that we are unable to fund a large bang to the beginning of this social-venture, we are nevertheless on the street learning and networking with those who share a passion for growing communities.

We went to CityLab’s hosted event for StrongTown’s Curbside Chats at the new BrunoWorks in downtown Pittsburgh. You can hear a short podcast update about their Pennsylvania Curbside Chat tour that we sat in on and were definitely re-inspired to continue this seemingly strange relationship between business corridor and public transportation success.

If you’re interested in how our highway, road, stroad, and street infrastructure is a black hole sucking our tax dollars- you should definitely check out their blog. If you get past the fury that is what most feel towards politics and government, it does open the perception of what exactly transportation was intended to be and begins to mull over the tedious question of how it should become in regards to lifestyles, business, necessity, and luxury.

Post Gazette Article


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