Sprout Fund’s Public Transportation Grant Announcement

PGH Retail will be submitting a grant to the Sprout Fund’s request for proposals that involves Pittsburgh’s Public Transportation and our community.

We can’t just yet release the details, however, after being involved with some of PoP City’s Social Innovation Exchanges (SIX), we have exchanged and heard many of the ideas about how we [the people of Pittsburgh] would like to see this evolve.

The programs we are proposing will include the many business corridors in our neighborhoods, special promotions via the Port Authority & small businesses, and engagement with communities about access and alternatives to public transportation that will grow the activity of our vital business corridors.

In the effort to keep shopping local [ie. locally owned, locally grown, and locally produced products] and reduce Pittsburgh’s carbon foot print, we will be organizing events that will produce a lasting impact on communities and their mobility to reach our shopping districts.


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