Introducing PGHshare!

Introducing PGHretail’s sister site, PGHshare!

PGHshare is dedicated to sharing ideas about sustainable transportation for Pittsburgh. Now in Phase 2 with Ideas & Movement, we’re ready to open our site for your feedback and support.

We’ve put together a package of ideas from other cities and updates on how some are already in development. Our transportation climate has been rough to weather more recently than ever.

Though things are looking brighter with various initiatives underway, like GoBurgh, the BRT from, there is still much to be done about making Pittsburgh a more livable city with adequate public transportation options.

Check out PGHshare’s website and find us on Facebook for updates specifically about transportation projects happening in the city!


New Allegheny Market House in the North Side Opens 11/21/13


Visit the New Allegheny Market House in the North Side this holiday for your gift shopping!  Located in a the Historic Deutschtown at 503 E. Ohio St.  and open Thursday 11A – 6P, Friday 11A – 7P, and Saturday 11A – 6P.   A unique shopping experience featuring local North Side artists, artisans, and makers.  Come out and support your local economy while exploring an up and coming shopping district!

Take the Survey!

We want to know what you thought about the new California Markets that happened in Brighton Heights this summer.  We know many of you liked it so much we organized an additional event for October.

Your feedback is important and we’d like if you could take the survey and let us know your thoughts!

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Thanks so much for supporting PGHretail’s efforts.

Post-Shutdown Economy: Biz Leaders Want Say in Budget Deal

WASHINGTON – In the aftermath of the federal government shutdown, business leaders see a new opening to advance their agenda for a more sustainable economic future in the United States. Business figures who are part of the American Sustainable Business Council are gathering in D.C. this week to push for more investments in education, transportation and renewable energy.

According to Council co-chair Jeffrey Hollender, the founder of the firm Hollender Sustainable Brands, the pain of the shutdown opened an opportunity.

“I think the country and the politicians have been somewhat traumatized by the dangers of not working together and inaction,” he said. “I think this is the perfect moment to change course, and to push ourselves to work together to do what’s good for our country.”

Hollender said it’s vital for Congress to make decisions that will help revive the economy and make the U.S. more competitive globally on a long-term basis.

“We today as a nation, and our government, make investments in things that are not in our long-term interest,” he warned. “So, we invest far too much in fossil fuels like coal and oil, and don’t support renewable energy. Renewable energy is our future.”

ASBC members will use their meetings this week with members of Congress and administration leaders to advocate for an end to fossil-fuel subsidies and to subsidies for agricultural commodities.

The Council is also supporting President Obama’s call for a higher minimum wage, saying it will have a ripple effect on the economy.

“I mean, we live in a country where if you earn the minimum wage, you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life in poverty,” Hollender declared. “That doesn’t make sense.”

The ASBC represents more than 165,000 U.S. businesses. The group says the nation’s continuing high unemployment, and under-employment rates are proof that such government austerity measures as the across-the-board federal budget cuts known as the sequester aren’t working.

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Oktoberfest California Market

oktoberfest postcard


Join us for the Fall Edition of the California Markets at Oktoberfest!  Saturday, October 12th from 2pm – 7pm

We’ll have locally made beer from Rivertowne Brewery and Home Brewers from the neighborhood to enjoy!  $5 for a bottomless cup to enjoy a variety of tastes.

In addition, you’re invited to bring your favorite pumpkin recipe to enter our Pumpkin Baking Contest!  We’ll have categories for prizes and judges will announce the winners later in the evening.

Kids are welcome to enter Popular Pittsburgh’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest with a painted pumpkin.  More details about the contest at

Enjoy some holiday shopping with local vendors, good food and drinks, and games!


If you’re a Brighton Heights resident, or like gardening, come earlier in the day from 9am – 12pm to help the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation do their annual fall garden clean-up and receive a comp ticket for a bottomless cup. See the office for details about receiving your ticket.

Timeless Beauty Fashion Show & Chubby’s Family Pageant

We had a blast at our last summer California Market with local businesses claiming the runway and photo ops in front of Chubby’s for a family pageant.  Check out some great moments during the day.

If you have any additional photographs or videos from that day, email pghretail [@] or post them to Facebook! Thanks!


Much thanks to our local artist, affectionately known as “The Puppet Lady”, Cheryl Capezzuti.  She is loaning us her unique and memorable puppets for our newest community event, the Dance & Drum Puppet Parade during the California Markets.  Check out Studio Capezzuti for more details about her work and the annual First Night in downtown Pittsburgh that she has been organizing.

If you’re interested in becoming a puppet on parade, meet at Studio Capezzuit behind 1509 Termon Ave. at 12:45PM to pick out your puppet.  Then at 2PM and 3PM, meet on California Ave. to exchange puppets and join the additional parades in the neighborhood!

Unsure what we mean? See us at 3269 California Ave. at the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation office to get some assistance!



Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Tom Friday’s BBQ & BREW OFF Contest!

We had quite a challenge getting it together and it turned out great despite set-backs.  Our two home brewers, Eric and Adam, were so encouraged and happy with the turn out that they are already talking about putting together another home brew Oktoberfest this year!

In addition, Stephen K, our main champ in BBQ got an overwhelming applause by all those who were able to get their hands on his homemade Seoul City Chicken.   Thanks & Congrats Stephen!

Sadly, we had a few last-minute contestant cancellations and I tried to improvise to fulfill everyone’s BBQ needs by providing BBQ Tofu and Tom Friday’s BBQ Chicken Deli cuts on the donated kaiser buns from Breadworks. Thanks so much Breadworks! And so sorry to everyone expecting more BBQ.  We hope next year others will be able to participate and everyone will be available to keep their commitments!

I was a little late for the follow up on the July event, this project has been a whirl-wind of meeting great folks, getting to know my community, and preparing for more future events and collaborations!  Here are a few photos from early set up before I got swept away in the contest. Thanks for understanding and look forward to the next one!

So Happy to Help Style Truck!

Thanks for the mention! We’re so happy to be a platform for great, innovative retail entrepreneurs to get rolling.  Check out Style Truck’s Facebook and follow Jackee Ging on her retail ride!
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