Community Info Sessions for California Markets

Come to the information and Q/A sessions at the Java House on California Ave. for more details about event participation and volunteer opportunities.  Sessions will be held on,  Saturdays at 11am-1pm and Wednesdays at 6pm-8pm, two weeks leading up to an event.  See below for event info dates and RSVP through Eventbrite so we know who’s coming to hear about what.  All events are free to participate in so tell all your friends to get involved!

BBQ & BREW OFF:  Saturday, 6/29 and Wednesday, 7/10

DANCE & DRUM PARADE: Saturday, 7/27 and Wednesday, 7/31

FAMILY PAGEANT & FASHION SHOW: Saturday, 8/31 and Wednesday, 9/4

Eventbrite - California Markets: Community Event Information

Special Thanks to Elected Leaders

Thanks to State Senator Fontana for sharing our events in their newsletter here.

Super big thanks to our councilwoman and council president, Darlene Harris, for navigating all of the fun paperwork we completed for the city to put these events on.

We’re extremely grateful of the help our elected leaders can offer us during their day to support community activities, such as the California Markets, that make our neighborhoods and lives extra enjoyable.